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From u/lectric_socks Tales From Retail:

Another tale from the cursed help desk. I work in a department store that mainly sells clothing. I work a help desk which has it's own stockroom right next to the desk.

That room is for back of house functions like shipping different merchandise from the store to wherever it has to go.

We usually leave the door open in case we get a customer, would rather avoid that, "IS ANYBODY WORKING HERE?!?" situation.

So I'm working in the stockroom making boxes and packing up merchandise to be shipped to a warehouse. My coworker was helping until she got a customer who came up and started complaining.

She sounded like any customer who blatantly ignored our return policy, for some merchandise you only have 30 days to make a return. After 30 days for that merchandise sometimes it's no longer in the system and we can't look up the item because it's too old.

So working in the back I just hear the same spiel over and over coming from the customer.

"Well when did you change the policy? This is outrageous! Can't you do something just for me?? I've been a customer for 30 years! This is ridiculous I get better service at (name of competitor)"

Tired of the broken record complaining I reached over a little and pushed the door shut. Unfortunately the door is heavy and in closing it slammed shut.

I didn't hear the conversation that followed but, I believe my coworker to tell me the truth.

Flinching at the sound of the door she screamed,


My coworker told her that her phrasing was impolite and that I was just trying to do my work without too much distraction.

The customer continued complaining saying I should be reported to a manager. And then just again about her return.

My coworker and I had a giggle about the whole thing after she left.







He's a real nowhere man.
Sitting in his nowhere land.
Making all his nowhere plans for nobody.


It takes a nobody to recognize a nobody...

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