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 From u/ViolettaDautrive Tales From Retail:

I work at a grocery store and was on register. A man came up with a bag of peaches and a small container of the hot buffet-style food that we sell, which he appeared to have purchased in the cafe.

I start by ringing up the peaches, and then pleasantly say,

Me: And the food is paid for?

Old Man, suddenly extremely angry and nasty: Can't you see my receipt right here? Look I have a sticker on it! Here, you can read it yourself! man thrusts his receipt at me

Me: Okay, that's fine.

Old Man: I don't need to be questioned! I have the receipt...RIGHT HERE! YOU CAN READ IT!

Me: Sir, it was a simple question...


Me: I go to put the purchased hot food in the bag

Old Man: I don't want it in that bag!

Me: Okay, do you want it in a separate bag?

Old Man: No! I want it in my hand! And don't put my receipt in the bag either! I need it out in case someone questions me again!

Me: Sir, I asked you a question that frankly, you didn't even need to answer. Now if you're going to come in here with an attitude like this, you don't need to shop here.

Old Man: You're right! I don't! You can tell [high up executive name] that I'm not shopping here anymore!

Me: Fine, I will tell him!

Old Man: You know where I'm going? I've got four letters for you: A L D I!

Me: Yeah! Go there! They have better prices anyway! I hand him the bag of peaches I hope that this is the absolute worst thing that happens to you all day.

Old Man: Trust me! It won't be!

About two minutes later, I hear him shouting at the woman at the service desk about how he "didn't do nothing wrong!" and pointing at me. She's trying to calm him down but he won't have it. I decide that it's not worth it to get involved, so I keep ringing.

Once he's gone and the crowd has died down, I go and see what on God's green earth he had to say about me, and according to him, I was so worried about whether or not he was stealing that I charged him for the wrong type of peaches, and he demanded double his money back. The service desk woman did as he asked (even though double your money back doesn't apply to this) just to shut him up and then she gave me the peaches to put back.

Indeed, I had rung them up as white peaches, which were more expensive. I did this because on the outside of the bag there was a white peaches sticker, and assumed that's what the bag contained, as neither of the peaches themselves had a sticker on them. To be fair, I do know a white peach from a regular one, but wasn't looking that closely at them while he was screaming at me.

tl;dr: Man got extremely offended and angry when I politely asked to verify that he'd already paid for an item, then demanded his money back.





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