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From  u/Ashleylister33 Tales From Retail:

I work at a fast fashion company and have been working retail for years, this is definitely not my first time dealing with crazy, just the first in a good while.

Opened the store today at 10am, get a call from a customer at 10:15, looking for an item she saw online. Not unusual, just usually customers call through our customer service center, which is easier because they have access to online and can describe the items more accurately, since we can't look them up ourselves in store. Our registers, while they look like a computer, have zero Internet access.

She will be IL for Insane Lady.

IL: Hi yes I am looking at this cardigan online and I really quite like it, but I REFUSE to buy it online, because I don't want too, can you check if you have it in store?

Me: Yes totally, can you describe the cardigan to me, tell me the price, and size you need?

IL: It's a ribbed gray cardigan that is 29.99, very light looking, perfect for wearing it with a shirt, I want it in a medium, and if you don't find the EXACT cardigan and tell me you do have it, and I drive all the way over to you, I WILL RIP YOUR HAIR OUT.

My eyes almost popped out of my head and all I said was "... Okay."

I then put her on hold, in awe of how someone could casually threaten violence to a stranger like that. I didn't look for the cardigan, I think we actually had it, but I'm not trying to go out of my way and keep a customer happy that threatens to rip out my hair...

I picked up the phone and let her know we didn't have it available in store and hung up without waiting for a reply or giving her a snarky last word. Wasn't worth my time.

What a wonderful day at the mall.









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