Customer Rejects: Ice Cream Sale Sacrifice
Face the shelf? Not a problem!

Monstrous Customers: What do you mean you do not have any Rudekegs!?



From u/SimplyWINEing  Tales From Retail:

Typically, our regulars order and hold their kegs ahead of the holiday weekend.Other people know to come in and get theirs before the Holiday Rush. They know how we sell out by Friday night. Most of them have kegerators and do not have to worry about taps and tubs. Well today, many people called about trying to reserve a keg and we gave them a 3 hour grace period to pick it up. There was nothing left in stock when this Rude Man called. Rude man will be RM and I will be me.

RM- "Hey I would like to call about your kegs and place a hold on RudeKeg".

Me- Checks the online orders to make sure that we have some for the phone orders. "Sir it looks like all the Rudekegs are reserved for online orders. I do not have anything left in stock for you."

RM "WHAT DO YOU MEAN...IT'S LABOR DAY WEEKEND YOU SHOULD HAVE RUDEKEGS YOU SELL WINE AND BEER!? Go Grab one from someone and hold it. I called and I always call for MY Rudekeg!"

Me "I am afraid that people have made their Rudekeg orders ahead of you during the weekend and placed holds on whatever is in the cooler. I am sorry. There is nothing I can do with people are in line with the RudeKegs that walked in to purchase them."


I tell my managers about him and about an hour later this guy and his wife stumble in. They walk over to my coworker, who is in a line to tell her he needs help reserving a RudeKeg. He asked her for RudeKeg and she tells him sorry that is not in stock but whatever is left in the cooler is what is available. He and his wife run off to the cooler. Moments later, he comes back. He is blasting off coworker #2 about how he couldn't get a Rudekeg and he drove all 15 miles from RudeKegsville. Anyway, manager comes over and RM tell him that he "talked to some little girl" on the phone about kegs and she told him we didn't have any that he wanted. My manager told him again what is back there is reserved and people early this morning got the last of the Rudekegs. He can't give him someone else kegs. RM still complained that he should be given a Rudekeg because he called while people were in line. Nope. Nope. Not today. RM walked out, pissed because he couldn't take someone's reserved keg.







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