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From u/bunnymagics Tales From Retail:

I've never had a story I've felt was really worthy of this sub before but after what happened tonight, I'm still kind of shook up, so I thought I'd share and hopefully calm myself down a bit.

I'm a front end supervisor at my store and that puts me over the returns/money services we do for customers as well as over the actual checkouts. Tonight the store really slowed down after about 8:30, and I was chatting with one of the returns associates, we'll call her B, when a customer walked up. He seemed friendly and all so after greeting him and directing him to my associate, I wandered off to check on my cashiers.

Just a minute later, B flagged me back down to her but met me halfway-- something they do often at the desk, so we can be apprised of a situation without an audience of whatever angry customer is waiting. The Friendly Guy wanted a paycheck cashed-- but this one happened to be dated for tomorrow, unfortunately. I assumed B just wanted me to tell the customer myself and went to the desk figuring it'd be easy enough. He was friendly enough a moment ago, after all. Boy was I wrong-- on both counts, sadly.

When I got to the counter and launched into the Postdated Checks explanation, FG's whole demeanor changed. He started cussing and yelling-- and then begging us to just cash the f-ing thing. I explained again that we couldn't, causing more of the aforementioned cussing and yelling.

And then it happened: the customer threw his phone at me.

It landed behind me somewhere, just barely missing me, and at that point I was honestly scared. I've been in retail for almost four years* and I've never had a customer throw something at one of our employees. The rest of that interaction was kind of a blur-- more cussing and yelling, the phone retrieved and thrown again, and then finally, blissfully, the customer just left, probably because despite being extremely freaked out, neither B nor I were budging on something that would get us in serious trouble.

B was as shocked as I was, but definitely more together because she's the one who reminded me this warranted a call to AP. They pulled video, I calmed down, and my closing shift resumed-- tills to pull, cashiers to send to break, etc.

Thankfully, FG didn't come back, but I made sure B was walked out to her car, because you just never know.

edit: I've definitely cried more than four tears over this job, but I've had almost four years in hell because of it.







(steps on phone) Oops, looks like it broke when you threw it. The third time.
While I can understand being upset about not being able to cash a paycheck, it's not the store's fault your company is stupid. It's either dated correctly because your payday is actually TOMORROW, or they dated it wrong to hold onto the money that little bit longer for extra interest. (For a person, the interest would only amount to a few cents, but for a company with dozens of checks, it makes a little money for them. Same reason you get charged at the end of the night by the store, but your bank would hold onto a refund for a few days) In any case, has having a toddler-tantrum ever worked? "Yes, sir, you've now been a complete dickhead for exactly long enough! We will now cash your check for you!"
"No. Get out."

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