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From u/nburns1825 Tales From Retail:

I work as a retail deli manager and while I have had my fair share of rude customers, this particular interaction was uniquely frustrating. I am a very helpful person and, despite not knowing where every item in the store is located yet, am always willing to help a customer find what they are looking for.

I was stocking my salesfloor case when I overheard a lady proclaim loudly for all to hear, "I hate this store, I can never find what I'm looking for!"

Now's my chance! I stop what I'm doing and turn toward the customer and say to her, over a display, "Hi, what are you looking for?"


Okay, I thought maybe she didn't hear me or didn't see me since there was a display between us. She turned into the main aisle and passed right by me and I said, "Excuse me, what can I help you find?"


The lady, followed by her younger daughter and teenage daughter turn down the aisle directly across from me and the daughter stops and yells back at her mom, "Hey, he's trying to help!" The lady ignores her daughter and keeps walking.

The daughter turns to me and I can see her soul dying. She starts to say, "we're looking for..." then, from down the aisle, Satan herself snarls,


The daughter, her soul having fully departed her body leaving nothing but a husk behind says to me, "I'm so sorry" and she turns and follows her mom.

My customer service switch flipped off and I said to her, loud enough for her mother to hear, "It's not your fault, some people are just rude and you can't please them".

I'm still irritated.

TLDR: rude woman ignores me when I offer her help








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