Retail Hell Memories: A blind guy tried to punch me
Tech Support Hell: You Hit It With A What?!


Kai Lowell

So it's the coffeepot version of me. :v


(grins and batbats) So you're full of coffee? Maybe that's why I like you...

Kai Lowell

Good coffee, too. :D


Even better. (slurps)


Duck slowly, silently backs out of room clutching empty cup.


Heh. When we moved into the new office. the keurig didn't make it before I did. I went to my boss and said calmly "There's no coffee. I may riot."

The next day, the machine had appeared.

Kai Lowell

*eeee, rubs behind TT's ears*

It's kind of funny really - I was never much of a coffee drinker before moving out here and getting (what is for all intents and purposes) my own place. Now I not only drink it, I enjoy it.


Since I'm diabetic, and most diet soda sucks, water is...well, water. Kind of the 'zero' of drinks. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing much good, either... iced tea runs into meh pretty quick, which doesn't leave much. Coffee has quirks, flavors, things a lot like wine does, once you get into it, and especially GOOD coffee... the same coffee roasted different ways will have wildly different flavors, and if all you ever drank was Fivebucks, all you ever tasted was 'lick the inside of a barbecue grill'. :P

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