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From u/AlastorCalactus Tales From Retail: 

I work for a major grocery chain, in the produce department, and as such we've got our major rotational of 'seasons' every year (cherry season, watermelon season, etc.). When the cherries come in, it's a madhouse; everyone just has to have them, they get irate when we don't have them, and the like. They also enjoy the occasional sample out of the bag to make sure they're good. Granted I don't have a problem with this but I've run into this issue where I find wet, slimy cherry pits in the bags, on the table, on the floor, in other displays, and other places not marked 'trash'.

So there I was, closing up the department one evening and in walks a customer -- and just to get a picture of him in your mind, he looks exactly like you'd imagine a high school football coach to look -- and saunters right up to the table full of bagged cherries that I hadn't put away yet.

He reaches in, pulls one out and eats it. Chewing it, savoring the flavor, he makes eye contact with me and begins sidestepping, slowly, like I wouldn't notice him. I watch as he heads over to the side of the doors he just came through and toward a blind corner where we keep our sale ads and baskets. He breaks his eye contact only to spit the pit on the floor -- I heard it 'tic' against the floor several times -- and then he regained his eye contact with me as he power walked away.

I'm not sure where these people learned manners from, but they need to get their money back.








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