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FREAKS2From u/ModChuteTalesFromTheCustomer

E- Employee BL - Bible Lady

So today I stopped by my local bookstore to purchase a book I have to read for school over the summer. It’s a fairly well known book and they had plenty of copies sitting right up front, it only took me a few seconds to find it and grab it. As I was making my way to the counter, I noticed the only employee there was going through a box of books this older woman standing near him had brought in. The employee informed me that he only had a few more books left to check to see if they could buy from her and asked if I minded waiting. I told him of course not and sat on a nearby couch.

Now, this woman payed the employee no attention while he went through her books, eyes glued to her phone. The employee picked up a bible out of the box.

E: Ma’am, we actually don’t buy religious books that aren’t from direct distributors.

Her head shot up and she let out an extremely loud and dramatic screech.

BL: NO! No! I do not want to sell my bible. Why is that in there? How DARE you try to buy my bible?

At this point the young employee is looking very flustered and trying to hand the bible to her.

E: I’m sure you placed it in the box by accident, it’s not problem! I’m not trying to buy it from you, I can’t even if I wanted to. Here you go!

She then proceeded to smack the bible out of his hand and onto the floor then reach for her box of books. She grabbed the books already checked and threw them back into the box.

BL: I’m not letting you buy ANY of my books now because you tried to buy MY bible from me! Stupid atheist teenagers, I hate you all! How disrespectful can you be, trying to buy MY bible from ME! May God strike you down!

She picked up her bible, chucked it into the box, and left.





Looks like it was in the box because it was obviously going unused.

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