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From u/FarCryFanCaesar Tales From Retail:

So this is a story from a few years ago, at Christmas of course, first time poster long time lurker.

We can refer to the "woman" as W and the male customer as M.

I was working in the toy aisle minding my own business stacking Hatchimals, when a screech erupted from behind me.

W - Put that down!! I saw it first how dare you pick that up!!

M - Sorry?

W - My son wants that toy put it down!!

M - Umm I'm sorry I picked it up before you even got here? My son wants it as well.

W - Yes well your son isn't here is he?! My son is and has seen the toy already!! You can just tell yours it wasn't here can't you!?

She is legitimately yelling every word at this guy and a few customers have gathered to watch the event.

M - Well I didn't bring my son because it's his Christmas present?

W - Oh and you assume it isn't my son's as well!?

The kids about 8 years old and doesn't look bothered at all, this must be usual business for the mother. The man is stunned just staring at her before slowly turning to me obviously looking for help. Before I can open my mouth...

W - Don't look for him to help they're f*ckin useless here!!

Well there goes even the slightest chance of me pretending to look out the back for more of the toy, which we don't have any more of anyway.

Me - Excuse me mam but could you please calm down?


Me - Ok I'm calling security.

She precedes to go mental for the 3 minutes it takes security to get there, cursing me and my other colleagues out and even going so far as to threaten the man and they literally have to DRAG her away by under her arms. Her son follows head hanging just another Thursday for him.

As the woman is dragged off screaming into the twilight the man turns and puts the toy back on the shelf and picks up a completely different one.

Me - Sorry mate you can take it if you want?

M - Actually it's not the one he wanted after all...

And off he went on his merry way.

TLDR: Woman screams at a man for taking a toy her son wanted and gets dragged away by security, turns out he grabbed the wrong toy anyway.







Reminds me of hoping to get a new video card that stores were always out of, but online ordering wasn't a thing yet. There was one on the shelf when I got there at opening. I put it in my cart and stuffed some other things I wasn't going to buy all around it, to avoid something like that lady happening. I went to the checkout 15 minutes later after already hearing at least 3 people wanting that card. I pulled out the video card at check out and apologized for them having to put a couple of mice and keyboards back. They did understand my not wanting to be seen with the only video card in my cart before I was buying it.

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