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From u/Kayleebug13 Tales From Retail: 

When I was working for a retail cell phone store that also sold internet and TV, some older guy came in wanting me to cancel his internet. At a retail location all I can do is activate new accounts and do upgrades, we can’t cancel anything.

Me: “I’m sorry sir, unfortunately we can’t cancel accounts here since I am just a retail store. You can call customer service over the phone to cancel, or you can visit the corporate store about five minutes away and they can help get it cancelled for you.”

Customer: “Well can’t you just call them and cancel it for me? I don’t want to deal with it.”

Me: “Unfortunately I am not able to do that either. They require the customer’s authorization to cancel the account but I can dial the number for you and let you use our phone if you would like.”

Customer hands me a copy of his bill.

Customer: “Well here, this has my account number and all my info on it, just tell them who I am and give me the phone when they need my authorization.”

I look down at the bill he has handed me and realize his internet is with a different competing company.

Me: “Sir according to this bill you don’t have service with us, but with “competing company”. You will have to call them directly to cancel. The number should be on your bill but I could google it for you if you need.”

Customer: “Just call them and cancel it for me. That has all my info right there.”

Me: “Sir, I am not going to call “competing company” for you to cancel your internet just because you don’t want to deal with them yourself. It is in no way my job to cancel your internet with “competing company” and I have other customers waiting to be helped.”

Customer: “Well fine, don’t help me then. But don’t expect me to pay any bills you guys send me.”

Customer then storms out of the store and the next customer in line just looks at me like was he serious?







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