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Retail Hell Memories: My chickens are going to die!!!


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From u/pm-me-potatos Tales From Retail:

I used to work at a place that sells and manufactures incubators. You know, the things that hatch chickens and what not. I worked more in manufacturing while my coworker worked with customers. Part of our job was knowing everything about incubators and hatching from A-Z, and we were happy to help customers with any questions they had. Anyway here's his story.

He was up staffing the front, when the phone rang. Coworker will be CW, chicken lady will be CL.

CW: Thank you for calling (store), how may I help you?

CL: Help! I think my chickens are going to die!

CW: OK, what makes you think they're going to die? Are they losing feathers or...

CL: The mother hen isn't feeding them!

CW: ...What?

CL: The baby chicks I just hatched keep nuzzling up against the mother hen, but she won't stay still long enough for them to get milk!! I tried holding her down so they could get milk but that didn't work! What do I do?!

CW: (trying to contain his laughter) Well mam, chickens don't give milk or drink any, hens don't have teats...

CL: Oh OK, well thank you, I was so worried.

After the call he left his post laughing hysterically and came to tell each and every other employee about his experience with the chicken lady. I've heard he still tells the story to every new employee, long after it happened.













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