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Retail Hell Memories: Stop being unconscious & serve me!



From u/PrettyLyttlePsycho Tales From Retail:

Wanted to share a dark humored story my Aunt told me about her time in the retail world.

Back when she was in her mid 20s, my Aunt Debbie worked register for a now out of business big box retailer. They would get their summer rush of local small town customers looking for special "But you know me!" treatment, along wth being super busy wth the extra business of Canadians coming over to take advantage of lower prices & such.

My Aunt, working back of the store register, one of these hectic shifts, had a spell of dehydration or maybe low blood sugar, & temporarily fainted. BAM out cold! When she came to after 2 or 3 minutes, a fellow cashier had come over to assist.

Apparantly the 4-5 people lined up reacted to her passing out by being annoyed, ringing the service bell that sat on the counter, & the man in front (a regular) going so far as to say that she faked it to get out of working.

Lovely people...












What a bunch of jerks! Anytime a person collapses is a genuine medical emergency and they should have been asking the aunt if she was okay instead of complaining about not being serviced!

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