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From u/p480n Tales From Retail:

I used to work as a cashier at a large retail bookstore. It’s June and there are lots of young students coming in looking for gifts for their favourite teachers.

Enter Kid (K), probably around 12, and Mom (M). Also I’m Me (deep right?)

They come up to the register and ask for gift suggestions and where they could browse certain items around the store. I help em out and so far they’re super friendly.

K finds a pillow with some teacher-related saying like “Don’t make me use my teacher voice!” or “Functioning alcoholism is correlated with wokeness” stitched onto it, telling her Mom it’s perfect and they decide to buy it.

I always make a point to warn every (non-regular) customer that comes up with a pillow that there are two prices on the tag, one for the pillowcase ($35), and one for the pillow insert ($14) Even though it’s clearly labelled it’s also totally reasonable for someone to get confused and assume the cheaper price is for the whole pillow, when it’s really both prices together (~$55 after taxes).

I let them know this as politely and “on-their-side” as I can.

Me: Hey, so I just gotta let you guys know before your purchase that the price of that pillow is actually both of those prices on the tag, and not just the top one. Sorry for any confusion!

M: Are you sure this is the perfect gift for her?

K: * nods excitedly *

M: Okay that’s fine. We’ll take it! Thanks for your honesty!

Me: Yup! No problem. That’ll be $54.81.

At this point, M tries tapping her debit card. That doesn’t work, which isn’t uncommon, so I just get her to insert it. Payment goes through without a hitch.

I hand M the receipt. K starts skipping out of the store all happy with her pillow present. M starts reading the receipt with a disturbed look on her face.

M: Oh my gosh! This can’t be right...

Me, nervous: Haha yeah, it sure adds up.

M: There’s two prices here... Oh, that’s sneaky. That was sneaky...

Me: Hey, I’m sorry about that. If you’d like, we can return it right now.

M: No, no... That’s so sneaky. I’ve got a direct line to market. They’re definitely going to hear about this.

Exit M.

A few things...

She had been informed of how the prices work several times. From my initial warnings of two prices, to her tap payment failing, to her manually inserting her card and inputting her pin to authorize payment of the price showing on the card machine, which I had also verbalized.

Also what the hell is a “direct line to market”!?

This was such a baffling situation to me. She was so polite up until that point, then waited until her daughter was beyond hearing distance to spout some nonsensical threats.

Anyway, as expected nothing ever became of her direct line to market and I died a little inside.









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