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From u/Jamgoesontoast Tales From Retail:

So this is from about three years ago at my first job as a bagger at a grocery store. The area I was working in is known as a tourist destination on the shores of one of the Great Lakes so the people who live there are a little wealthier than your average joe.

It was a super hot summer day and it was my turn to go outside to collect the carts from their corrals and bring them inside. Each of the baggers had to do this for hour-long periods, and if someone didn’t show up to their shift, sometimes two hours. Now I can’t handle heat very well at all but a jobs a job and you can’t really say no when you’re only 16.

On this day, I had a two hour period and I was already pretty upset from that. Of course, I didn’t let that show to the customers and tried to keep a brave face the whole time. It was a challenging feat considering I was sweating buckets with a bright red face but nevertheless, I tried.

This elderly couple walks by me as I’m doing my rounds. I notice that they came out of some newer looking car which they parked far away and in two spots to keep it “safe”. They were both wearing high end clothing as well and were in all white. OM=Old man and OW=Old woman.

OM: Oh, and how are you doing today?

Me: Oh me? I’m doing alright, thank you! How are you?

OM: looks at his wife then over to me condescendingly Hawhawhaw, better than you!

OW: bursts into a “haw haw haw” laughter as if it’s the funniest thing on the planet

Me: oh ha yeah I guess so?

OM: Haw haw, yes of course! Bye now!

To this day I seriously do not understand why the guy had decided to pick on me specifically? It was such an odd circumstance that I couldn’t even be offended by it-just in a perpetual state of confusion.







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