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From u/Writer4God Tales From Retail:

When I first worked at a thrift store, I was still learning the ropes as a new hire. I saw this group of customers (mom and kids) coming in the store, trying stuff on, putting piles upon piles of clothing in a shopping cart and meandering through the store. I didn't think much of it as they were normal customers.

Now our store offered various discounts to certain individuals provided they show proof like an ID or something. This is strictly enforced. The family finally brought their stuff to the counter and I rang everything up. I then asked the mom if she had any discounts that she qualified for and she said that she did. So I asked if she had an ID or any proof of said discount and she said that she had it at her house a few blocks away and asked if we could hold her stuff for her for 30-60 minutes while she went to get it.

Now, we had a no-holding policy on most items so we said no, we can't hold your stuff. Discount Mom asks if we can just take her word for it as she's shopped there "since she was 14" and asked if a certain guy worked still worked there (apparently he would vouch for her). The answer to both questions was NO and NO (management literally told her this).

At this time, I was bagging her stuff and since we had a line, I had to shove her clothes into the bags instead of folding them (at my last job, they'd write you up if they saw you shoving clothes into the bag so I assumed that was the case at my new gig). I immediately apologized and asked her if she wanted her clothes folded.

Discount Mom is already pissed off that she couldn't get her coveted 10% off so she snapped and said "yes, I want my clothes folded but since I'm in a hurry, just keep shoving them in there." She also went on the record of saying that she was never coming to that store again. At this point, I'm internally freaking out that I'm going to be written up for not folding her clothes. Discount Mom pays for her stuff and leaves in a huff. The managers told me not to worry about folding clothes as most of them would be washed anyway.












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