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Retail Hell Memories: My friend just died, can you help me find him a shirt to wear in his grave?


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From u/emmatheporter Tales From Retail:

So, this actually happened about a year ago, I work customer service at a Big10 University bookstore. I get this call on a random lazy Sunday, when things were really slow. An older lady with a very thick southern accent calls (let's call her Sally), and the conversation goes something like this:

Me: Hello, this is *bookstore, how can I help you?

Sally: Well hi there, my best friend's husband just died yesterday. I need to find him a shirt.

Me: ... ... Okay, did you have anything specific in mind from our catalog or website?

Sally: one of his wishes was to wear a school mascot polo in his grave

Me: (trying to stay professional) okay, well we have a few designs that just came out: (describes styles)

Sally: I have to make it very clear that he has a skin condition and can only wear 100% cotton

It took every ounce of self control for me to not say: ma'am. He's dead. I'm pretty sure it won't make a difference...

Turns out we did not have a shirt that suited his taste, so she became angry and hung up







He's having a bad enough time as it is, you don't want him to go through eternity with a RASH, do you?


The old folk song "Bury Me in My Overalls" comes to mind. I would recommend Rosalie Sorrels if you want to hear it.

Bury me in my overalls
Don't use my gabardines
Bury me in my overalls
Or in my beat-up jeans
Give my suit to Uncle Jake
He can wear it at my wake
And bury me in my overalls

The undertaker will get my dough
The grave will get my bones
And what is left will have to go
For one of those granite stones
But this suit cost me two weeks pay
So let it live another day
And bury me in my overalls

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