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From u/idiotsarray, Tales From Retail:


Years ago I worked for a well known tire and automotive service center found at major malls across the United States. I was customer service manager the night a lady came in for a set of tires.

One of our brand new service writers was assisting her and I was listening in as i was helping other customers. the transaction wasn't the easiest, he (coworker) wasn't 100% comfortable being on his own yet and she (lady) didn't know exactly what she wanted but was adamant that she knew exactly what she was talking about no matter how wrong she may have been. she was short, in temperament if not stature, and rude. They hashed out what tires she was getting and everything went fine until she came to pick up the car and asked about what we used to inflate the tires.

L: What do you use to fill the tires?

CW: air, i think.

L: Don't get smart with me. what do you put in your tires?

CW: I'm not sure what you mean.

About this time I finish with the customer I'm helping so I wander over to assist.

CW [to me]: She wants to know what we put in the tires.

L [also to me]: This man doesn't know the very basics of how your business works. He needs to be educated about what goes on here. I just want to know what you use to fill your tires and he couldn't tell me. Over at [other membership place for tires and assorted bulk items] they fill their tires with nitrogen. I assume you do the same.

Nitrogen was the new fancy thing for tire retailers at the time and since NASCAR filled their tires with it then I obviously NEED it in my tires.

ME: We use a proprietary mix of gasses, the majority being nitrogen, plus oxygen, a little co2 and some trace elements as well.

L: Oh. really?

ME: Yup. Considering cost and performance we feel this is one of the better options available.

L [somewhat impressed]: Ok. I'm glad to hear that. And you're sure there's nitrogen in it.

ME: Definitely.

She drove off happy.

CW: Do we really use stuff like that to fill tires?

ME: Yup. It's nothing special. Just air.










You'll hate me for this, but when I was a teen we did convinced people they had to get their air changed in their tires. Have you gotten your car ready for winter yet?
1. Have you had your oil changed? Winter summer rated oil blends were not a thing then. You had oil like molasses if you didn't put in a lighter weight.
2. Have you had you're radiator fluid checked so it doesn't freeze at -20F.
3. Finally have you had your tire air changed to winter air in your tires so they don't go flat. All weather radial tires were not a thing then. Most people had to have their winter threaded tires put on. We told them make sure that the garage put in the winter air.


Heh, cute. I once had someone who was convinced that he had two passwords to log into the network, one he'd type in and get a 'invalid password' which was a sekrit k0d3 to tell him it was ready for the REAL password... He'd gotten himself locked out and I reset his password, and he started yelping that I only gave him one, so how was he supposed to log in.

After trying to explain reality for a few minutes ,I gave up and made up some nonsense about how it detected the way you typed so it knew it was you. Anyone ELSE using that computer would have to use two passwords, but he wouldn't anymore.

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