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From RHUer

Many years ago when I left home and started university I worked weekends at a very busy pizza place in Burnaby, BC, Canada. During the week there were usually 4-6 full timers working but on weekends staff went to 12-15 with part time staff because we were so busy.
New hires were usually started on deliveries. You give someone a car, a pizza, a map so WCGW. One weekend I was training a new kid, call him JD because he looked like John Denver. He was very young, quite shy but seemed to understand the job.
Half way through the night he goes out for a delivery. The drivers always had to write an ETA down so we could get the next set of pizzas ready. He's late, then it's like he's half an hour late. 
Then another driver tells me he's sitting out back, just sitting.
I charge out and the kid is just sitting and won't say anything. Manager time.
We're standing there and the Manager tries to get him talking and after a few minutes of talking this comes out.
M What happened, you can tell me.
JD (stammering)The girl.
M What girl?
JD The girl at the door
M What about the girl
JD Naked
After a couple more lines
M Did you get the money?
JD looked at him with this totally blank stare and said "Money?"
I broke up laughing and went back into the restaurant. 
He left our employment that night. 







"The problem with nudists is lack of quality control."

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