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Retail Hell Underground's Last Day of New Posts Will be November 4th


UPDATE: RHU will now end on Sunday, November 4th.... for more info go here.





Dearest RHU,

October 31st will be the last day Retail Hell Underground will be updated with new posts. We are retiring RHU Blog. We thought it would be best to let you all know ahead of time so we could plan to celebrate RHU with the last posts. Although there will be no more new posts after the 31st, all of RHU's archives will remain viewable at its web address forever.

We have loved bringing RHU to you every day, posting your stories and pics and searching Reddit for the best retail stories and pics we could find from there, but it has become more and more challenging for us to keep it up along with our work and family commitments.

We want to thank all of you RHU readers, commenters, and story submitters out there who have visited RHU frequently over the years and been apart of its experience. We could not have kept RHU going without you. It has been a wild, fun decade of Retail Hell sharing and we have laughed, cried, screamed, and cringed right along with you. There is no other crazier job on the planet than working in retail and customer service.

RHUSKULLAs we bring Retail Hell Underground to its last post on October 31st, starting October 15th, we will be reposting some of our favorite stories and pics from over the years and we would love to also include any new stories from our current readers. It can be a funny Retail Hell memory or just your favorite funny retail story. If you have any favorite retail hell pics, send those as well. We would like to get all submissions in by October 25th, but we will be actively posting till end of day on October 31st.

As always please send submissions to [email protected]  If you want to submit something that has been posted before and you have the link, you can send that to us.

Retail Hell Underground will always remain visible at its internet home with archive stories and pics from over 130,000 posts for anyone to experience any time they want. 

Thank you RHU for 11 amazing years. We have enjoyed every cyber moment and none of it would have happened without all of you. 

Much love,

Freddy and Ilia

















Misty Meanor

I don't believe it, one of my favorite pastimes is coming to an end!


You will be missed. Etiquette hell is also going away( not archivingšŸ˜„). I might actually have to work at work now.




Thank you for this site, it has been so entertaining. Beyond that although I do not work retail reading this almost daily has made me a MUCH better customer. There were so many things I had no idea the staff were required to do, I'm so much more patient and understanding of their situations now.


Misty, I will miss the new posts too! The news show "20/20" had a segment about RHU and it inspired me to read it!


Noooooooo! (/VADER) Dangit. :P I will seriously miss this site, is one of the few I've read this long that hasn't really changed to a cheap cash grab (Cracked, I'm looking at you here... but now I'm looking at where many of the Cracked authors when when they were laid off. :P)

Because it is now apparently the thing to do, I've created a Discord server, RHUfugees. Email me at mv4bqsawe3 (a) (This is a throwaway email address, so it's ok to post it; I can deactivate or kill it at will later. It remails to my main email address) Send me a message with RHU somewhere and I'll send you the link.

I'll email this to Freddy and Ilia in a moment so they can make a post out of it if they like. I've never run a discord server before, so I dunno what's involved; for now will just keep it among us to see how it goes.


Say it ain't so, this site got me through plenty of bad times while I was in retail (30 +years), and while I was finally freed of retail I still check the site constantly, partially to remind me why I hated retail and partially to commiserate for those that still deal with the daily grind.

You will be sorely missed.


I will miss the new posts and the responses from other readers! I've only been reading a few months, but it has been a pressure valve for me. I'm an older woman who used to work in an office job, but had to leave that after 25-30 years for circumstances I won't go into (had to relocate, etc.). I haven't been able to get a similar job in my new location and wound up in retail. I started on the floor (reshops, etc.), but wasn't really good with it. However I was good enough with the register and customers that I was eventually promoted to the service desk, where I deal with the returns, etc. I've had my ups and downs, of course, but the stories I've got aren't really all that much to tell. I will brag about a customer stopping me yesterday as I was walking out to my car to tell me how much she enjoys when she has me as her checkout person, so I guess I'm doing okay there. But I'm going to miss this site!


I understand that running RHU is a job in itself, besides juggling everything else. I will miss reading the stories and comments, that sometimes turned into a great story. On bad days, it was a comfort to know that I'm not alone. Too bad you couldn't turn it into a once a week blog. Thank you for keeping it going this long, and keeping all of us going as well.

Kai Lowell

Say it ain't so!

I'ma miss y'all greatly. *sadface* I'll see about possibly hie-ing my arse over to your Discord, TT.


NoooooooO!!!!! *whine* This blog will be SOOOO missed!! I have talked this site up with many a beleaguered cashier/retail worker, and they thought it sounded wonderful. Some even pulled it up on their cells or computers right in front of me! It will be SORELY missed! It is the first thing I go to when I fire up my laptop of a morning. Now I'll have to find a new morning routine. Again, you will be sorely missed!


What am I going to read during lunch now???

Thank you Freddy and Ilia for all you have done. It has been great!

You should consider doing what Scott Adams did with his blog: he took some of the good stories off it and put them in a book. Selling a book could help you recoup some of the expenses of running the web site.


Thank you all for all the hard work you put into this site. Words can't express how much I needed this place during my Gamestop days just to vent to a sympathetic audience. I've been trying to keep up the past year - teenagers keep a mom busy!

Good luck with life/family/work and whatever you plan to do moving forward! Much love!!


I'm not crying, you're crying! Seriously, though. I'ma miss y'all, you've been my work companion for years, now! *Raises a toast to RHU* Salud!

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