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Retail Robin: This Has Happened At Every Store I've Ever Worked

Sale Hell: “IS THIS LITERALLY $9.95?!”



From u/Mystik-Spiral Tales From Retail:

Most days I have a very high threshold for the amount of whatthefuckery that happens in retail. It takes a lot to push me into turning into a sarcastic, rude, Randall Graves clone, even though it’s sometimes incredibly warranted.

That said, this lady tested every ounce of my patience and made me yearn for a bottle of wine. Not just to drink, but also to hopefully bash some sense into her with.

I work in a women's clothing store. (Side note: this means WOMEN’S, not juniors, not children’s, not plus size, though we do have a plus size section. So, please stop bringing me your 10 year olds to dress. And please believe me when I tell you little Suzy isn’t going to fit into anything, and no, not even the XS’s. Because she’s 10. And hasn’t got a woman’s body yet.)

We currently are trying to clear out our clearance wall. Things are $4.95-$19.95, which I agree is a pretty amazing deal.

This lady, 30 minutes before close, simply couldn’t comprehend this promotion.

Yes, there were signs.

Yes, I confirmed the deal.

That didn’t stop her from asking, I kid you not, every minute “ARE THESE PANTS LITERALLY $9.95?”

“Yes they are! All bottoms are $9.95!”

“But, these are literally $9.95?”

“Yes, just as the sign right there says.”

“So, these are LITERALLY $9.95?”

“They sure are!”

“I can’t believe... THESE JEANS ARE LITERALLY ONLY $9.95?!”

“... Yes. I’m not sure how to reassure you that, yes, all our pants are indeed $9.95.”

I show her the sign, explain the deal, AGAIN, and even take my hand down the row of pants explaining, calmly, that all clearance bottoms are $9.95.

She looks at me, jeans clutched in her hand...

“Are these literally $9.95?!”


And at that point I walk away and grab the associate and tell her I’ll be in the back for a minute because I need to silently scream into the latest ugly sweater we’ve been sent so I don’t LITERALLY punch someone.








'Literally' has become mostly meaningless, just an intensifier. "I literally died." "And yet here you are, using my air..."

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