Escalator Signage Doesn't Hold Back
Hellspawn Encounter: I scared a teenager in to buying a banana skin



Into the tiger cage with you! Tigers need treats too.



So much care to craft the triple cone and you just throw it at her!?! What game is this? This is hilarious!


I need this game in my life.


*gently open window*
"Ok so that's one scoop scoop vanilla...and one scoop chocolate...and HERESYOURFECKINGICECREAM!!!!!"
*gently close window*

This looks like REAL retail therapy. And I need it. XD


Heh. Looked at the reddit to see if anyone said what the game was... Best comment so far, "Three scoops of fuckoff".

It was just the developer screwing around for something fun to do after having a rock garden's worth of kidney stones removed, it isn't actually a usable game, but after the video went viral, he's thinking of making it one, "Ice Cream Truck Tycoon".

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