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Carolanne and JasonFrom Puppies In Prada

I pull into the parking lot at work, and find myself next to a transport bus. Emblazoned on the side is "National Guard Youth."

Oh my. We're putting up Christmas stuff again, and once again, we have a bunch of buff guys on site moving heavy stuff.
Not that the entire female staff appreciates eye candy or anything. *ahem*

One young man is assigned to the Donation Door with me and a regular volunteer. We're sorting through stuff and a car pulls up to our drive through. I open the door and step outside to greet the woman as she climbs out of her car.

Behind me, I hear a familiar sound... It's that happy, inarticulate noise any dog lover will recognize. I glance over, and see that yes, the lady has an Australian Sheep Dog in her car, and a pair of mismatched eyes and a smiling doggie mouth are in the window. And the National Guard Youth has just stifled a 'squee' at the sight of him.

Jason hair

Alrighty then. I know how to make his day. :D

We accept her donations, and I ask her if her dog would like a treat. (I ask, because some dogs have allergies, or are on a strict diet, etc.) She says her dog would love one.

I fish a milk bone out of a cookie jar we keep by the back door, then casually ask the young man if he would like to give the dog the treat.

Why yes, yes he would! He takes the milk bone from me, trying very hard to seem casual. Then there's a man-shaped cloud of dust behind me and suddenly he's at the car, offering it to the dog... who of course accepts the yummy snack happily. I didn't even get the lid back on the cookie jar before he's over there.

After the woman drives off, he's the picture of dignified politeness... an image that is ruined by how happy his voice sounds. "Thank you, ma'am."

I hold back a small chuckle, "No problem."

I get to give treats to dogs all the time, whereas he was only there for part of one day. This was definitely as much a treat for him as it was for the dog.

--Puppies In Prada



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