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Tech Support Hell: At Least This Was Easy To Fix...


Call center 3From Anonymous, Rinkworks

I work on the tech support help desk for an ISP. I once had this novice who had a complete misunderstanding on what I advised her to do when I talked her through installing her modem drivers.

Tech Support: "Can you close down all the open applications you have running, so you have a blank desktop?"

Customer: "Yeah, sure."

After a couple minutes I wondered why it was taking so long to click on the X button.

Tech Support: "Hello, have you closed down the application?"

Customer: "Yes, now I am just clearing the icons off my desktop."

Tech Support: "What do you mean clearing off the icons?"

Customer: "What you told me to do. I am deleting off all the icons so I have a blank desktop. You know, the Recycle Bin, My Computer, etc."

Luckily, fixing all that was just a case of accessing her Recycle Bin from the Start menu and restoring the items.

--From Anonymous



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