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Tech Support Hell: Coincidentally, I Want That "Program" Now


PET46From RHUer

Tech Support: "Ok, what can we do for you today?"

Customer: "Every time I touch this @#$% computer is shocks the @#$% outta me!"

Tech Support: "Oh, ok that's just static electricity. There are devices you can get to stop that from happening. No big deal -- I'll send someone out there to take care of it."

Customer: "No, it's not static electricity. I know what static electricity feels like, and this ain't it. This computer is shocking me! And I know exactly why!"

Tech Support: (dying from curiosity) "Oh ok, tell me why."

Customer: "Greg Parker is always over here messing around with my computer when I'm not at my desk. I told him to keep away from it, and he got mad, so he put a program on my computer that shocks me whenever I touch it! I can't even enter my lot numbers!"

Tech Support: (trying not to laugh) "No, it's gotta be static. There are no such programs. There's no way it could sense who you are."

Customer: "YES THERE IS! I SAW HIM DO IT! A few days after I told him to keep his filthy hands off of my computer, I saw him over here with one of them computer disks. That's when he did it! It started shocking me just after that happened!"

Tech Support: "No, he was probably just copying his files off your computer since you wouldn't let him use it any more."






I lived in an apartment for one year that was static hell. I carried around a high ohm resistor to touch anything before I touched it for non shock discharge.


I want that program too... would add it into any AOhelL installations. (Not that there are any anymore, but still.)


I worked at a company with a crazy coworker. One day she stormed into an upper level managers' meeting and accused them of all sitting in that room and deliberately sending electric charges into her computer to shock her while she typed. I have NO idea why she was never fired.

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