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Call center 3From Anonymous, Rinkworks

Tech Support: "Thank you for calling. May I have your phone number beginning with area code first, please?"

There was a pregnant pause, then a series of touch tones.

Tech Support: "Hello? I need your phone number, please."

More touch tones.

Tech Support: "Hi, can you hear me?"

Customer: "Yes."

Tech Support: "Great, then can you please tell me your phone number so I can pull up your file?"

More touch tones.

Tech Support: "Sir, what's your name?"

Customer: [name]

Tech Support: "Great, now can you tell me your phone number?"

Touch tones again.

Tech Support: "Please, tell me your phone number."

Customer: "Again?"

Tech Support: "Yes sir, if you don't mind, but can you please just tell me verbally?"

Touch tones yet again.

Tech Support: "Sir, contrary to popular opinion, support is not half machine. I'll need you to verbally tell me your phone number with your mouth so I can bring up your account info, got it?"

Customer: "You people are rude as well as incompetent."






I had someone do this one time to the point where since I was in AOhelL and totally out of fucks, I played Mary Had A Little Lamb back at them, then when they did it again, hung up.


Why is it always the people who are the rudest are the ones who accuse the retail slave of being rude?


This must be like a rite of passage or something, because I had it happen too. I got fed up and started hitting buttons back at them. This happened at WorldLink dial up internet. It's also happened to a bunch of other people who were working there at the time

Misty Meanor

I read this story on Rinkworks.

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