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Tech Support Hell: That's Not How That Works


Carolanne computer 1From Anonymous, Rinkworks

Customer: "I lost some of my files. I archived them, but when I went to retrieve them, they were gone!"

Tech Support: "What program did you use to archive your files?"

Customer: "I used DOS -- but now I can't find them!"

Tech Support: "Ok, what program are you using to do this?"

Customer: "I used 'undelete', but they aren't there."

Tech Support: "Uh...what command did you use to archive your files?"

Customer: "I used 'del' and the filename."

It turned out that the guy had been deleting files, which would free up disk space (he liked that), and when he wanted a file again, he would undelete it.

Apparently he actually got away with this for a while, until he discovered 'defrag', which overwrote his deleted files.





I had someone call with a simple problem that required deleting a few files. After deleting the files, I emptied the trash. "Where are my files?"
"What files?"
"The ones I kept in the recycle bin!".
"...the recycle bin is for deleted files, not for storage."
"I always kept my files in there! You're doing it wrong!"
Right. I'M the one doing it wrong. Let's try an analogy..."The recycle bin is a trash can. You wouldn't put your lunch in the trash so you could eat it later, would you?"

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