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Tech Support Hell: "The CPU Tower Is The Hard Drive!"


Call center skull 2From Anonymous, Rinkworks

I work in an office for a major bank, which doesn't have an on-site IT technician. As I know more than most people there about computers, it falls to me to fill the role of IT coordinator.

My immediate boss, no matter how many times I explain it to him, insists on calling the CPU tower of a PC "the hard drive."

Although it caused some confusion to begin with, I generally know what he means and ignore it, and the job gets done. But this came to a head a while ago when we had some extra work coming in, and we needed 20 new PCs, which my boss dutifully ordered.

When the shipment came in, it was in a suspiciously small box. Of course my boss had put in a call asking for "20 new hard drives," and of course that's what we'd been sent.

The funniest part was listening to one side of a telephone conversation in which he angrily complained that he'd wanted "HARD DRIVES, not this box of useless junk!"

--From Anonymous




It's always irritated me when people use technical terms incorrectly...So I generally start doing it back at them. My mother used to paint ceramics so I started calling all paints watercolors. After about the fifth time of explaining it to me she finally got why I was so irritated...


Its bad enough when they think memory means hard drive space, when memory means physical ram in the system.

Having spare hard drives can be useful, in case you need to replace any.

I'm surprised the boss didn't ask for the rest of the pc.

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