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Tech Support Hell: Too Bad For You


Call center 2From RHUer

Customer: "I can't print anything!"

Tech Support: "Yes, the print server's down for maintenance. Didn't you read that email I sent?"

Customer: "No, I never got it."

Tech Support: "But I got the return receipt from you. You must have seen it: 'Server down at 4:00pm for maintenance'."

Customer: "Oh, that one. I didn't understand what you meant."

Tech Support: (sigh) "The tech is here trying to fix the SCSI controller. The server was downed so he could work on it."

Customer: "What? I don't understand. Why can't I print? I'm not a computer person! I really need to get these reports out."

Tech Support: "When the message said, 'Please print your jobs before 4:00pm tomorrow,' what didn't you understand?"

Customer: "Huh? What? I really need to print these reports out. It's important!"

Tech Support: "You can't right now. The server is turned off. Like I told you yesterday."

Repeat for another ten minutes.





Damned if you do, damned if you don't. At work, an older form of encryption was being retired and we've been trying to call or email merchants and their dealers for a year and a half. Finally, as the servers were turned off,
"Why didn't you email me?"
"We did. Here's the timestamp, here's the subject line, here's the read receipt."
"I didn't think it was important!"
"What part of (bold, red) 'YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROCESS CREDIT CARDS AFTER (date) UNLESS YOU UPDATE YOUR MACHINE' doesn't look important?"

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