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So, did this really happen? Yes. This is an as-accurate as I remember account of a bitch manager from hell that I endured over a 15 month period. The story indicates a much shorter timeline, but I only have time for so much writing! In reality, Angie micromanaged to death several ITS initiatives, cost a few people their jobs and was an overbearing terrible person. All of this led to her ultimate, er, promotion…

How many parts are there going to be? To be honest, I had no idea when I started writing how many parts there would be. I just started, initially thinking 3-4 parts at most. As I found people started enjoying it, I just wrote more. In truth, Angie was such a nightmare that if I took to time to recount every single thing she did, there would have been near on 500 parts! At some point, given I have other commitments to adhere to, this needed to end sadly. I decided to steer my writing towards the ultimate conclusion of Angie’s reign.

Are you a writer? Nope. Not professionally. I’ve never felt compelled to sit down and write anything this novelistic before. I’ve been writing lyrics for years and used to trying to fit syllables to beats, restrained to only a few available lines to get the point across. I play metal though – so like anyone cares about the lyrics, so long as there’s a few cleverly picked crowd pleasing lines. RE-SPECT - WALK!

I suspect he is in reality, British. Yep… sorry about that :)

Why didn’t you just quit? It had been my third IT Support role. In reality, there’s no such thing as a nice IT Support role. They’re all disturbingly hostile places to be and I would urge anyone to get out as soon as possible; it's a slow suicide by telephone. My take on IT Support is that it is the one area that’s simple to get into, but difficult to dig out of. Managers like Angie are just all too common in this field. If I had just quit, as I managed to prove to myself when I did change jobs, moving from one dead-end support role to another resolves nothing. It’s just the same thing, different place!

...go to her boss? Explain how she's impacting negatively on productivity, and on your team's mental health There is such a thing as crapping in your own back yard. No upper manager wants to be bothered by some troublemaking runt from some low-end support role going on about how much he hates his boss! It’s a fast track out the door, I can assure you.

The BBC should just go ahead and turn these into a show. Hahaha, I am open to offers!

I would have flipped my desk and said "f*ck it, I'm done" I am amazed with your amount of patience throughout this matter. I was brought up to be very patient. But, the fact I had a mortgage to pay, a car to keep running various other responsibilities, I couldn’t be that flippant about it.

** I don't understand why the entire department doesn't walk out. That would get the attention of Angie's superiors.** This is a rather Hollywood ending, but the reality is, everyone has bills to pay. I’d wager such a bold move would fall foul of its forerunner when this reality would dawn on everyone. In truth, we were all jobhunting, though!

** 3 seconds!** Do I owe you a new spring for your F5 key?

I love you, Jon6! Awww, shucks!

If this series ends up with a tree-fiddy joke i'll be both angry and impressed You don’t know how tempting this was to put up - even for just five minutes! Though I hope it didn’t end that way for you!

So, just to be clear, this all took place in the mid-late 1990's and jon6 was 20-22 at the time, correct? It’s safe to say I was about 22-23, and this was around 2000. I don’t want to say much more than this though, anonymity and all!

How does it feel to have so many people hanging on your every word jon6? Odd! But I'm pleased I provided such entertainment - and I hope I didn't get anyone in trouble with their bosses!

I feel like Chelle at the beginning of Portal 2. All that hard work, and the feeling of victory at escaping the inhuman clutches of GladOs, only to find yourself back in the pits of hell once more. The evil thing is still alive and kicking, and you'll have to deal with her all over again. Luckily I never crossed paths with her at all after that. But it’s the one big lesson of the corporate world. Credit travels up, blame travels down. The higher you are the harder it is to fall.

Guys... guys. We got to the end. We did it. We sure did… my large diversion from doing coursework has also suffered… I’m envisaging a very hard Easter weekend ahead to catch up. But I’ve enjoyed writing for you guys!

Misogyny loses my sympathy I would hate to be thought of as someone who hates women. For one, they’re lots of fun ;) OK I admit, I had to google "misogyny". The correct British vernacular is "male cheuvanist pig"

Joking aside, I feel an explanation may be required to this line of questioning. My account describes the situation endured by all at that time; I tried to paint a picture of the characters involved as best I could. Where you can define your own definition, I would welcome you to do so. In some cases, my brief description of “quiet blonde girl” should be enough for you to paint your own picture.

However, Angie and her gang were such an uncommon, abnormal collection, I felt that to not describe their mannerisms and neurosis would have done them an injustice. Similarly, Roland’s rat-like appearance just seemed to burn anyone who set eyes on him. BHIT, I think, was also subject to rather unrelenting description. I’ve had some excellent female colleagues, managers and so forth so I would hate for it to be assumed I have a problem with women in power. Apologies if you thought otherwise!





The thing I've learned is everyone that you hate eventually dies, and I've outlived my top 4.


I didn't have a long list, you really have to have worked on getting beyond dislike. My list was only 4 people long.

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