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I arrived for work the next day, this time fulfilling my morning's requirement for coffee before leaving the house. I was on the late shift, so I could afford the luxury of adding breakfast. For some reason I was unpreterbed by the events yesterday offered.

I arrived to find a deathly quiet IT department. Sadly, I had begun to expect this when Angie had imparted her usual words of wisdom on some poor unsuspecting fool. I duly logged into my PC, fired up TouchPaper and began the arduous task of setting up some appointments for the day.

I was surprised to hear a new type of noise from Angie's direction. Rather than the snarling voice of Satan demolishing yet another soul or the heavy bleak silence that accompanied her stare, there was banter and the sound of humans talking. I looked over to see Angie discussing in depth the virtues of a nearby Starbucks with some Finance Hag. On the one hand we were all pretty shocked that Angie seemed to be demonstrating a more human side to her character. Though given her affiliation with Finance hag...

See, IT Support and Finance were situated directly next to each other. Some time ago, we had all been segregated into offices beautifully adorned with departmental monikers which happily contained our respective messes and existances. At some point, some middle manager in a fit of synergetic genius decided to implement an entirely open-office strategy and had all walls removed. As far as I can see, it served to merely underpin the adage of "good fences make good neighbours" and that destroying the efficiency of Aircon in the height of summer only adds to tensions.

Finance had repeatedly become irritated with ITS occasionally "walking through their area" as they would usually have varying currencies hanging around for traveling business reps - it seemed walking even near their area was suddenly deemed a security risk - and were constantly angered by the fact we had a lot of foot traffic and a lot of equipment which invariably made its way to us. Really - IT Support does not suit open office, especially next to Finance hags.

Suffice it to say, there had previously been a blowout and IT Support were mandated by up on high to keep a three desk distance from any Finance team members (a problem as they were forever encroaching on our space, with temps, filing systems and new layouts meaning we had to constantly move and shrink). Simiarly, they had enforced a three-piece rule, whereby you could only have three pieces of equipment on your desk at any time. As the average monitor and system unit accounted for two of these, you can imagine what a struggle this was should anyone show up with a non functioning laptop and accompanying projector/home router/printer.

Carolanne Argh 2Our constant commandeering of any post-room space and the need to create a PC-den in the stock cupboard was a testament to what a poor relation IT Support really was in the company. Though our jobs were now more difficult, in that we had to maintain a presence outside whilst actually getting to work in a cupboard was a constant struggle, we all remained cooperative and chipper in our existences.

Nevertheless, Angie was evidently on first name terms with Finance wench. With pleasantries exchanged, off they set to the local coffee emporium to embark on their self-made challenge of attempting every single combination of coffee type they could think of - not forgetting the ominous stare at support personnel as she passed.

Finally. The coast was clear - we could take a breath. Being the last one in, my colleagues were quick to ask "Jon6... have you read your email yet!?"

... Well, no actually... and there it was. Retribution, the storm of the BMFH's reign was upon us!

Angie had decided that during the course of the day, she would be performing ticket reviews on an individual basis.

Middle-Aged Family Guy (MAFG) was on the early shift. He had obviously already been the meat grinder, Angie's special treatment. Of course, we were now fixated on his response to find out what went down. It soon became clear when he relented and maximised his IE window to reveal several Jobserve results. Wow, it went that well then?

MAFG wasn't a slacker, not by a long shot. In fairness, there were slackers, but he wasn't one. And it looked like the wind had been knocked well and truly out of his sales.

Freddy Choke JasonHe began to tell us how Angie had spun her web. She had a printed list of his open tickets and several examples of his closed tickets. She had initially allowed him to dig his grave so it seems with a few innocent cases, until launching into an all-out pincer move to demonstrate terrible goings on within his daily work. This invariably was forcing him to reopen old tickets she was dissatisfied with, despite no suggestion from the customer of that being the case.

That's when it hit me. As he talked about the meeting, the fact that things were printed (Angie has no idea where the printers even are), the fact that she was able to search the ticketing system for tickets at all... it's obvious.

There is a mole... that's all there is to it... someone here is working against us all. Someone had to have provided Angie with a method of retrieving closed tickets. Someone has to have shown her how to use the printer. The cloud of suspicion was very much there. I knew it... and I could sense, maybe some others knew as well. Is there a traitor in our midst?

After our team post-mortem of Angie's impact to date, we were left deflated and totally unmotivated. We returned to stare into the bleakness of the computer monitor, hoping that salvation lay within. I duly opened my Outlook calendar. Sure enough... Jon6, tickets review at 13:30..... right at the start of my designated rota'd lunch break...

OK Angie... you foul smelling b****... it's on...




18 Spears

I hope you got your [redacted] back from her after you quit this place.

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