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The Entitlement Complex: Why Should I Be Penalized For My Child's Shoplifting?!




Editor's note: Well my brain just had a Blue Screen Of Death trying to process that... thanks for forcing me to do a hard reboot. XD

On a more serious note, lady, are you fucking stupid? They don't want your business if you just dismiss that your child committed a fucking CRIME! That he didn't "get away with it" is irrelevant. They shed NO tears at losing you.This is a multi million (if not billion, IDK the actual numbers here) dollar business. They can lure in hundreds of others with a simple advertisement!

--Entitlement is still a Disease



Misty Meanor

I don't get what's wrong with people anymore.


Given her attitude regarding her son's shoplifting, I suspect that she does quite a bit herself and that her no longer going there will be a net gain for Kohls.

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