Retail Hell Memories: Smelly Theft
Dumbass Customers: Adidas



Yeah it does. You'd think a prayer would go for the fisting mitten. At least the hands are in the right position.

What I want to know is the design process for this document. Did someone already know about these and collect the full set, or did they sit around a table and brainstorm the 'worst' toys they could think of? ("No, Brother Bear, not CHILDREN.")


What can I get for a box of burned out vibrators?
On an odd note if you start wandering on Amazon you will find some...creative items😎


GeoCites web pages when people mostly had dialup internet used to have a visit random web page buttons. Web Ring. Pictures from Alaska and the Aurora Borealis, then a Cajun cooking page, and then oh what the hell is that. There are still things that I still wish to have never found out about.

Kai Lowell

...Dildo...gas mask.

Dildo. Gas mask.


I'll just be over here laughing hysterically.


I'ma go join Kai. Dildo Gasmask, bwahahahaha


(Ok, the site / Typepad is being stupid. Sorry if this shows up twice.)
(considers whether to display his knowledge of a subculture he isn't part of but has picked up information on over the years, but decides the therapy bills mailed to him aren't worth it. :P)

I searched for 'fisting mitten' on Amazon to see if that's where they snaffled the picture. After a bunch of German pr0n, it 'corrected' it to FISHING mitten. If you didn't happen to notice the line where that changed... O.O


The announting oil could work, that full sizes bible sounds really uncomfortable, and as for the mug.... Well that's just dangerously irresponsible. Can you imagine going to the ER and trying to explain the broken crockery?


"Rectum? Damn near killed 'em."

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