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Carolanne omg faceFrom Puppies In Prada

We got hit by some devastating news folks... I walked into work on my Monday, only to find out that Missy, our store manager, has turned in her 30 day notice. Some are contemplating dusting off the ol' resume, just in case. Some of us are hoping desperately that the Assistant Manager will take her place, as the AM is the second unicorn in our grove (aka a manager who supports the employees, not the customer).

Emotions are bounding from sorrow over losing Missy, to anxiety over whoever the replacement will be, to a kind of grim resignation and preparation for the worst.

As for me? *sigh* Well, I've basically been working here to pay for college. I'm part time, without benefits. I've known all along that no matter how much I love this job, it was always going to be temporary. That doesn't keep me from feeling the feels though... Missy has always retained her humanity and soul. She's in a position of authority, but she has always been approachable, relatable, and above all, reasonable and accommodating. I've known a freedom working for Missy that has never been anywhere else in any other job.

She lets us get away with a lot of things that no Corporate run store would ever put up with. We've essentially "trained" our customer base to be better customers, simply by drawing a line and not letting them cross it.

She puts us in charge of our department with full and complete governance over it. As long as the products move, and as long as we don't end up being a detriment to other departments, we can do as we please. Where other jobs will tell you to 'take ownership' of an area but give you no control, we can arrange our displays as we wish, and can request various display items from storage. If they'll fit in our area, and we have them available, they're ours to use as we please.

When my area experienced growing pains (my shelves were no longer adequate for the volume of stuff I was moving), Missy talked to me about whether I would like to use some of the stored shelving. My area got a makeover, and I was able to put out a minor metric crapton of stuff more than I had before. My department profits promptly hiked.

Ugh, it probably sounds dull to read all of that, but really, when you can do a good job, actually feel good about it, and know that what you're doing is meaningful, it's surprising how happy you can be shoveling used shoes and purses.

I will be working for the Animal Shelter Thrift store until the end of the year at least, whereas Missy will be gone sometime Mid October. I will have at least a few more months with whoever swaggers through our door.

Fingers crossed RHU, that whoever comes in won't destroy the team of people I work with.

--Puppies In Prada



Misty Meanor

This is what happened when the current manager took over. He messed up my schedule for a year, giving me barely any money from working so little. He's also very incompetent and threw us under the bus for it!


(awws, and patpats) Good luck, I hope the assistant unicorn ascends... If it wasn't just part time, I'd suggest applying for it yourself.

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