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From  u/foreverstubborn Tales From Retail:

So I worked at a thrift store about a year ago. It was a heavily regular-customer based store, and sketchy customers knew which cashiers were new and which ones were experienced. I had trained a new girl on the register, and she was running it just fine, so I let her be for a little bit. She called me up for help with a lady who wanted to buy a larger purse and our price tag had conveniently fallen off. We knew this lady, she always coincidentally fell in love with items whos tags had gone missing.

So I went up, informed the lady that I would take the purse back to our sorting/pricing room and have one of our sorters re-price it, and she handed the purse to me. It was clearly filled with something. She said, "Oh, I was making sure everything from my current purse would fit, nothing sketchy!" Right, ok. I smiled at her and said I'd be right back.

Got to the back room and we opened the purse. Surprise! Packs of underwear, several pairs of sunglasses, and a scarf are stuffed inside, all tagged. No personal belongings. We priced the purse, and I carried the previously concealed merchandise in one arm/hand and the purse on my other coming back to the floor.

The new cashier looked like she was trying to keep a straight face talking to the lady when she saw me coming, and when the lady turned around she was immediately feigning shock. I asked her "Would you like these? I found them inside it while we quality checked the interior". She said no, and mumbled something about how we probably didn't have to quality check the entire purse.

Amazingly, she whipped her wallet out of her own still-full purse to pay.

TL;DR: Lady assumes she can rip a tag off a purse for it to be re-priced cheaper with a new cashier, stuffs it with other merch she intends to steal, tries to convince employees that she tested putting her own belongings in it yet hands it off while it's still obviously stuffed (supposedly with personal valuables) and is surprised she is found out.







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