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Carolanne 002AFrom Puppies In Prada

Okay, mini update to yesterday's post. I went in and asked Missy if I could talk to her in her office. I said I didn't want to sound like a tattle tale, but that yesterday, Lemkil's behavior really concerned me.

I told her everything, even the "reckless as a wounded elephant" comment I made. I told her the volunteer who had seen it, and who had seen him flip a table in a fit previously. I even said the thing about how a dude slamming doors was using it as a substitute for violence and she understood immediately before I even finished the sentence.

I admitted that at the time, I was NOT afraid that he would haul off and punch me, but that his behavior WAS leaning in that concerning direction.

She thanked me for telling her. She said that she had had to talk to him about that kind of behavior before, and that this wasn't the first time he had done that "substitute aggression" thing. She had been willing to let it be a one time thing if his behavior had improved after the first talking to. She was glad I had said something, because if she doesn't see it or even know about it, she can't do anything about it. Since I told her about it and now she was aware that it had happened a second time, now it was going on a written record of his behavior.

I have the next couple of days off from work, so I'm just going to breathe and enjoy my time off.

There's a really weird freedom in telling management of something hinky, and they not only take you seriously, but they also do something about it. It's also really fucked up that getting this reaction is so rare in the retail world. :\


On a lighter note, Missy has a merle coated Koolie mix named Copper who is an absolute doll. He's perfected human manipulation, by uttering these deep miserable whines of "I am so unloved, nobody has petted me in thirty whole seconds!" As soon as you walk over to him, he runs over, grabs a toy and plays tug-of-war with you for a few minutes, making these gawd awful "I am Cujo and I am eating your babies" growls. Nobody fears these growls, because the dog is such a complete furry marshmallow that even when he's hyper excited and making these noises, never ONCE has he ever scored skin with his teeth. (He's also hilarious, because I SWEAR he's perfected the "what's that behind you?!" glance in the middle of tug of war, and he yanks harder on the toy as soon as you look away. "Ha ha! Fooled you!")

When I entered the office to talk to Missy, I failed to play the tug of war tax, and when I sat down, I ended up with him half in my lap and in my face to get my attention. Ladies and gentlemen, I failed my duties, I must pay the tax, and here's a furry nose and doggy breath in my face to remind me of this fact. He gave me a thorough doggie scolding in doggie language, with me profusely apologizing for my sins, then ran to grab a chew. Once both of us could stop laughing, basically the entire meeting, I was penalized to tug-of-warring with him with the chew.

He's a goofy beast, but he DID make it easier to talk to Missy about Lemkil's behavior. Perhaps he's no specially trained therapy dog, but he knows how to calm you/distract you when you're feeling stressed or anxious.

We don't deserve the awesomeness of dogs, my friends, but they're gracing us with their presence anyway.

--Puppies In Prada




We have a new little dog who has my dad wrapped around his furry little paw!


I have a Chihuahua and a Pit Bull, the Chihuahua chases the Pit and bullies the crap out of her, and my pit is a vicious monster, absolutely deadly, able to kick you in the junk both jumping into your lap and jumping down because she thought she was a lap dog but then realized "Hey, I can't fit up here!"


Chihuahuas are always pissed off because they remember the glory days millennia ago when they were the land piranha, huge schools of them able to strip a water buffalo's ankles to the bone in seconds, and it pisses them off that now they're a kickme purse rat.

Dumbest looking dogs I've ever seen... neighbor of a friend raised champion rottweilers, and one of the females was in heat... and a male chihuahua got into the yard.

Imagine six inch tall rottweilers with a head that looked like the second just before a cartoon with an air hose stuck in its mouth explodes.Brown and tan tennis balls with marbles glued to them.

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