Bad Returners: "Can we return our unused alcohol?" "Sure, you can return your unused ALCOHOL"
Bitch Manager From Hell Pt 2: Five Years Of Unread Emails



The worst part of my life during October... we have cellular terminals that a lot of these places use, because they don't have their own internet connection in these dead shops. Fair enough; and the problem is generally not with the merchant... those terminals run on FBM (Fucking Black Magic), just randomly losing parts of their programming, or deciding that they want their password reset for no apparent reason, and it's a gigantic pain in the ass to so. Not difficult on the face of it, reboot and when it beeps twice type a number, then three menus and put in some information... the problem is it has an old style resistive touchscreen, meaning you have to press hard enough to bend the glass to make a connection, doubly so near the edges... and of course, the stuff you need to enter in a particular time limit is near the edges...


I would had gone with Spook R Us

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