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21 Reasons Why Retail Workers Need To Stop Complaining

1. Working retail is basically like a vacation.

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2. Nothing bad ever happens in retail.

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3. All the employees have to do is put stuff away.

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4. And there's never that much stuff to put away.

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5. Because customers always put items back.

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6. None of the shoppers ever put anything in the wrong place.

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7. Or treat the store like a giant trash can.


8. And if there is a mess, it's easy to clean up.

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9. Working on Black Friday isn't even that scary.

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10. Retail workers totally exaggerate how busy it gets.

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11. And everyone is always super nice to them.

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12. Nobody ever treats retail employees like free babysitters.

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13. Customers always respect the merchandise.

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14. Retail requires little to no effort.

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15. They just dump the merchandise onto the shelves.

16. There's zero skill involved.

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17. Retail workers never go the extra mile.

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18. Their work is always appreciated.

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19. It isn't frustrating for them at all.

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20. There are no unexpected downsides to working retail.

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21. And finally, none of them ever do anything to put a smile on a customer's face.

--Kat Angus, Buzzfeed


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