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From Santa's Bitch, November 2009:

Long story short, I'm 24 years old, and have worked for the same retail company for 9 YEARS!

Believe it.
I have so many stories to share, rest assured, I will bring up more!  My rant for the day....
I work for a upper market retail company in Australia, blue red and white.
Today I had a fucking shit bitch, she came up to me all quiet and polite with her borish emo of a teenage daughter.
"I bought this electrical device and I no longer need it, we just can't use it in my country hick home. I'd LOVE a refund, if you could manage it. Oh and cash, because that's how I paid."
Me: "No problem, it does state on our refund policy that we don't refund on wrong decisions or change of mind, but I'll just see what I can do for you with my manager."
Well, my manager was in a bitch of a mood, but I didn't even check, and HE saw, the fucking thing was 7 MONTHS OLD!!! Not to mention she paid by card!
So seriously this bitch just decides she wants over a hundred dollars back for an old item that WE CAN NO LONGER SELL BECAUSE IT"S OOOOOOOLD!
Stupid bitch!
So I go out to her, tell her that "I'm sorry it's an old product, and given the age of it, it is something we can no longer sell."

So she leaves all nice and good.

What do I get an hour later..... Her husband comes back complaining that we won't give their money back!!

Dude starts ripping up my bosses saying they'll take us to fair trading and we don't have no return sign up nowhere! Where actually, we have signs up at EVERY REGISTER!!!

Sorry dude, we can't just give you cash after buying shit! Seriously. RETAIL IS FUCKED.

Oh and can I tell you, I have 5 weeks coming up of me taking Santa pictures for little snot nosed retail spawn 3 hours a day, where I have to work extra days a week, AND I only get ONE day off over Christmas!

Watch out for this Aussie bitch queen! I'll be coming for those custys!

I hope your holidays are better than mine fellow friends!

Peace out,

--Santa's Bitch




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