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From Bridget, August 2009:

So our store has coupons every weekish that come out in the paper. They used to give them away at customer service and we usually had a few to spare at the registers. When they stop for some random reason, we have to explain that we don't have coupons to give away. I cannot re-scan coupons-I will lose my job (I'd rather quit than be fired, which I did!) 

An associate was buying some things and had forgotten her
coupons.  A nearby manager said she had extra coupons she would tear up and I should re-scan the coupon. 

Unfortunately for me, a customer behind her viewed this exchange.

Customer:  Do you have any extra coupons?

Me: No, I don't.  They don't give them to use anymore.

Customer:  Yes you do.

Me:  What?

Customer:  You gave some to the girl before me.

Me:  She's an associate and is using a manager's coupons, it's a little different.

Customer:  She told me in the dressing room that you had a bunch of coupons I could use at your register.  This isn't fair!

(That's right, the associate flat out lied to the customer.  Bitch.)

Me:  Well she wasn't telling the truth.  Like I said-they don't give them to us anymore, if we want coupons for ourselves we have to get them out of the paper like everyone else.

Customer:  But you have a whole bag of them right there!

Me:  Those are used coupons, I can't re-scan them.

CouponhellCustomer:  Yes you can!

Me: No, I can't.  I will lose my job.

Customer:  But you just did it for her!

(this exchange goes on for a few minutes)

Me:  Like I said, they don't give them to use anymore.

(At this point she looks like she's going to cry)

Customer:  It's not fair!  You come in early and take all the coupons for yourselves so the customers can't have any!

Me:  We don't have coupons at the store at all.  I don't have this stash of coupons that I hide for the hell of it.

Customer:  Well, I thought [dept. store] needed my money.  I was probably going to spend over $300 today and you just lost my business. I'm very disappointed.

Me: And I'm disappointed basic education failed you so horribly-so I
guess we're even.

There was no fucking way she was going to be spending $300.  Maybe she was so used to leeching off of the government for welfare she expects handouts.  Not from this girl.  I partially blame this on magazines with shopping "tips" that say if you annoy the clerk enough you'll
get your way. 

Screw that noise.









My money's on the customer being the liar, not the girl in the back: "Well, I want this discount, so if I make a scene and then lie and say another employee told me I could, they'll give it to me" kind of thing

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