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Carolawesome From Grocery Girl, January 2010:

I work at a grocery store (two films were filmed here :) by a certain pair of brothers.), and I've been there for about 8 years now, I'm also in college.

But anywho this happened about....2-3 years ago... it was super packed and we have old...old registers that would either freeze or fry and everything in between because they do not want to put in the effort of rebuilding the front and have working or new anything.

Most of our things were second hand...or from the early 90' you can see we usually have a lot of issues with the computers. It's also very easy for the store to get busy, we have 4 registers (which only 3 would be open to ring and express was strictly for lottery purchases, it's annoying and we're a small store.

On this day two very rude and severely annoyed sisters just couldn't understand how it was busy and thought that they should be helped first and foremost.

As it came to the time that it was their register froze....

They started berating me on my customer service skills and didn't accept my apology or explanation of the situation.

It took only a minute to restart but when its busy it seems like half an hour X_x.

They started cussing me out!Carolanne 074a

And I was still a bit of a newbie at cashiering and still shy so I just took it.

Then the woman behind them spoke up.

"Don't you dare talk to her that way! It's not her fault that the computer isn't working! You should be ashamed of yourselves!"
I sadly can't remember this customer by name, but I will always remember her face and kindness.

The sisters muttered something along the lines of "we weren't talking to you" as I finished their groceries and they left.

I was in absolute shock and as I was talking to the woman and telling her she really didn't have to do it she tell me "Oh no no no! They had no right to talk to you like that! You are a sweet girl and didn't deserve that! You have always been sweet to me and the other customers. I like coming here!" 

Among many other things she said...but to continue with the story, I saw her at a local artist auction my friend >Ratchet the Barista Girl was featured in ((  HII!!!  :D  )) and we chatted and would chat every time I see her, she even said that herself, my husband and I should hang out some day.

She really is the sweetest lady I've EVER met. 

--Grocery Girl








Machines going down is an unpleasant part of life everyone must accept! Right on to this lady customer telling off these idiot girls!


"we weren't talking to you" Yet we can hear you, so it involves us.

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