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Jason NyerpFrom RHUer

I once went to a pay phone to report a problem with my home phone line.


It was discovered that none of the phones on my street were working and I volunteered to walk downtown and make the call.

Me: "I would like to make a report on an outage."

Support: "I'm sorry, I'm not recognizing your number as having an account with us."

Me: "I'm calling from a pay phone."

Support: "I can't help you unless you make your call from a phone that has an account with us, sir."

Me: "My neighborhood is having an outage. I can give you my account information if you need me to."

Support: "Sir, I do not recognize the number you are calling from. You need to go home and call us back from a phone that has an account with us."

Me: "I can't. We're having an outage."

Support: "I am trying to help you with your problem sir, but I cannot help you unless you call with a phone that has an account with us."

Me: "I HAVE an account, but my phone is non operational! My phone is not working! I cannot call you from a phone that is not working! My entire block is without phone services!"

Five minutes. It took five minutes before this nitwit understood and would take my account phone number and account information verbally rather than from their caller ID.




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