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Freddy crosseyedFrom RHUer

I have a (I think funny) mini-story about [Three Letters Ampersand] from custy standpoint, similar to yesterday's.

We cable internet (back mid 90's, so this was HUGE) and we were having problems with our internet so my dad called the main phone number.

It sounded like the guy on the other end was being a bit of a jerk.

Dad: "I can't do that."

Dad: "I literally cannot do that. I need help restoring the internet first."

Dad: "Listen. To. Me. The internet is down. I cannot go to a chat to fix the internet. I need to be connected to someone who can help me fix this problem."

Dad: "Are you telling me [Three Letters Ampersand] doesn't have a phone number for assistance with the internet? THE INTERNET, WHICH ISN'T WORKING RIGHT NOW?!"

I could actually tell that the line went quiet for a beat or two and then my dad was transferred. We had the internet back pretty quickly.




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