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From a pissed off RHUer, August 2009:

To the horrible mother who let her 2 year old strangle her infant with his arms (then praised the 2 year old for "giving your brother a hug")....

THEN let her infant munch and slobber all over the receipt- you knew you were going to have to hand over that receipt in a few short minutes to get your money back.

You didn't care that it was illegible and that I had to handle your son's slobber.

You are a terrible parent, and an inconsiderate pig.

Next time I catch you doing that crap in my store, I am going to call the dept. of children and families on you and your terrible parenting.



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Two year old kids don't know their own strength and that is why at a petting zoo they have to be told not to squeeze the kitties and chicks. Otherwise, parents will have an "Of Mice or Men" situation on their hands!

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