You Had One Job: Somebody Wants You Dead
I Think Best Buy Gets It

Bitch Encounter: "I hope one day when you have to piss someone doesn’t let you and you piss all over yourself!"



From u/Tinydancer1004 Tales From Retail: 

I work retail. Yes, we do have a bathroom, and no we don’t have to let you use it. We let them use it usually but only if someone is able to stand back there with you. C will be customer and I will be me and co will be coworker. (The 2 of us behind the register helping clients with clients behind them as well)

C: runs through the door I have to pee! I have to piss so bad! tries to run into the backroom 

Co: ma’am if you give me just a minute to finish up here, I have to be back there with you.

C: what?! This has never been an issue before! I’ve always been allowed to (no) if that man was here, he’d stop what he’s doing and walk me back there! (Definitely no) She then looks the other customer in the face and says “is it okay if she stops helping you so I can piss????”

Co finally is able to let her use the restroom and all is well or I so thought. 

C is now at the register to check out 

Me: not recognizing her did you find everything you needed today?

C: scoffs and rolls eyes 

Me continues checking her out 

C: I have NEVER had this horrible of customer service before! I’ve shopped here for 13 years! I have a card! I’m calling corporate! I could have pissed on the floor and sued you! I hope one day when you have to piss someone doesn’t let you and you piss all over yourself! All you did was look at me and continue helping your client!

Me; I’m sorry you feel that way ma’am but we have rules to abide to.

C: I don’t want an apology I want both of you fired! as she walks away 

Co: and I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and thank you for shopping with us!!!

C: scoff and laugh as if she won I called my manager and she said “were you busy? Okay then she could have gone to the grocery next door.”

Customers think we legally have to provide a public bathroom because this isn’t the first time this has happened.






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