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From, May, 2015: Techtyger

When I was in AOhell we had one repeat offender... If you ever wanted to see 500 people cringe all at the same time, all you had to do is say her name.

Happily, I've forgotten it, but I remember the one time I talked to her.

Working on the program, waiting for a reboot, she started casually asking me how to stop the guy who hides in her closet and beats her up at night. And she knows someone does, because her cat who watches when she types in her passwords and sells it to aliens told her about it.

When I did a mini-rant after getting off that call, someone else said that he had talked to her and she had refused to believe that he was in Florida; she knew for a fact that he was Japanese and in a satellite orbiting Puerto Rico.



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I remember it now. Gordon Bennett's sister. And yes, I still cringed.

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