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Call Center Hell: "Want To Bet?"




From TechTyger, May, 2015:

I had one customer tell me one time that I would NOT transfer him for a billing problem and that I would NOT hang up on him until I'd fixed his problem.

As AOhelL tech support, I had no access to billing at all, and his problem was, "I didn't bother to pay my phone bill so my DSL was cancelled."

So I couldn't fix it anyway. After fifteen minutes of repeating that he needed to pay his non-AOhelL phone bill to get his non-AOhelL DSL turned back on, "You will NOT hang up on me!"

Me: "Want to bet?" (click)



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Heh. I seldom hang up on a caller, mostly because I really don't care anymore, but there are a few situations, and that's one of them.

When I was at the 3 letter Universe phone company, the policy was "You never, ever, hang up on a customer for any reason whatsoever, period"
A black coworker of mine got called an N Word Bitch and couldn't hang up
Another one was on a call for over 90 minutes. It was in the group chat and managers were running around and getting on the phone with the guy. He refused to hang up until the field tech, who wasn't scheduled till tomorrow, actually got to his house. IDK how they finally got him off the phone, but it wound up being an over 2 hour call before he agreed to hang up

Id've taken the write up, because fuck that. I don't get paid enough to put up with that shit, but there's a reason that job was the worst I've ever had

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