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Cashier Hell: "She is double taxing us!"



From Hellmart RHUer, April 2009:

This older couple was in my line and became very idiotic. I had hit "total" on the register after scanning just this lady's picture frame, because she said she could pay for it separate... she said that BEFORE they told me to just keep ringing everything else up together.

The next conversation goes somewhat like this...

Old lady: That picture frame is 3 dollars, why does it say 3.22? Is that with tax?

Me: Yes, it is with tax, but I'll keep scanning everything for you. I just hit the "total" button because I thought you were buying the frame first.

Old man: But why does it say 3.22? The photo frame is 3 dollars.

Me: Yes, it is 3 dollars, but with tax it is 3.22. And like I said, I hit total beforehand!

Old man: But you're double taxing me if you ring everything else up, the tax will be doubled in the end!

Me: No, it won't. It does not matter that it says 3.22, it will be the same.

Old man: No it won't be the same! It will be doubled at the end!

Me: *sigh* Let me get my manager, hang on...

*Manager comes over*

Old man: She is double taxing us, the picture frame is 3 dollars but it says 3.22 and if she rings everything else up with it it will be doubled!

Manager: Oh, no it won't be, the tax is the same no matter what, it won't be doubled. The machine just thinks that it's done because she hit total before everything else, it won't be doubled, the tax is always the same.

Old man: SO we won't be double taxed?

Manager: No, you won't be.

Old man: Ok, thank you.

Old man, to me, before he leaves: I'm sorry.

Me: ............ Have a good day.........

I swear... do these people NOT know ANYTHING about how tax works????

--Hellmart RHUer


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