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Jason 065a Former Cigar Shop Manager Joe, August, 2009:

It's five minutes before closing. A distinguished-looking gent walks in. (Think British actor Derek Jacobi.) I ask if he needs any help; he waves me off and enters our walk-in humidor. After a few seconds, I notice that he looks upset about something.
Me: "Can I help you find something?"
Customer: "I want a box of these." (He indicates a brand of cigar that comes in boxes of one hundred.)
Me: "I'm sorry, sir, but this partial box is all we have right now. It looks to be 75 to 80 cigars here."
Customer: "Is there something wrong with your hearing? I SAID I want a full box!"

Me: "No sir, there's nothing wrong with my hearing. But as I said, that's all we have right now. I can give you the box discount of 10 percent."Carolanne 015a

Customer: "You're not going to be in business very much longer! It's apparent that you don't care about your customers! 

Me: "Sir, I do care about my customers, but-"

Customer: "I drive all the way here from downtown and I get someone who doesn't even know what they're DOING!"

Me: "Sir, I've explained the situation to you. We have thousands of comparable cigars.  I've offered you a discount. I'll gladly order you a full box, but as of now, that's the best I can do. If that's not to your satisfaction, I suggest you leave."

Customer: "Why, of all the rude, ignorant...! There are OTHER cigar shops in the area, you know!"

Me: "Yes sir, there are! But seeing as it's now after nine o'clock, THEY'RE CLOSED TOO!"He left with much muttering. But two weeks later, he was back. He bought a full box of his preferred brand. That's 100 cigars that sell for six dollars apiece. I rang it up at $600. He went ballistic. He demanded a discount. I explained (trying not to smile) that ALL discounts are discretionary.Jason 068a 

He sputtered, he fumed, and then threw his black Amex card (the one with the UNLIMITED balance!) on the counter. He signed the slip, tucked the box under his arm and left. "I'll never see HIM again", I thought.


Three weeks later he returned. I gritted my teeth, ready for another confrontation. Imagine my surprise when he calmly picked out several cigars, paid for them and then offered me one of them! "I guess I was a little out of line previously. I apologize for that."

I was flabbergasted! He turned out to be one of my favorite customers.



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This was a recent repost, I think...

Kai Lowell

I do have a peculiar sense of deja vu.

Tech Support Survivor

I practically remember this verbatim. Very recent.

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