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Rhu_characters_026ax From Regan, July 2008

So as I'm listening to my neighbors upstairs FUCKING for the upteenth time today I am reminded of how sometimes we get fucked at our lovely retail hellholes :) The lovely 2-10 shift first of all. Gotta love it. Especially on a Saturday. Oh joy!

So it is pretty much dead from 7 p.m. on. Until about....oh I'd say...8:45? Yeah.. we close at 9. Ha! Lovely. So these two fat cows come in at about 8:45 and I see they have like literally....about....25 pieces of clothing each? They are headed to the fitting rooms at 8:56. LOVELY. Fucking lovely. EIGHT FIFTY SIX? Fucking blow me Quarter Niner bitches! You are NOT getting your fat asses in and out of those clothes in 4 minutes and cashing out. Especially TIMES TWO! They are tee-hee-in and gigglin and saying shit like "Oh, we might need some accessories too! Teehee teehee!"

12My associates and I are gritting our teeth and smiling painfully and trying not to break a fucking hanger in half and slit their fat cow throats with it. Mind you, we had EVERYTHING done. Except for the last couple registers I had to, and deposits and what not. We would've been out at like... 9:15. Instead of fucking TEN.

So one of my associates finds a polite way to tell them that we have been closed, without actually saying "Hey bitches, we be closed. Scram."

So the stupid heffer is like "Oh...you're closed!?!?"

Noooo. Duh? So 9:20 rolls around. They're finally cashing out. They spent way less than a hundred bucks between them. NOT worth my 20 minutes if you ask me. Actually, no, it would've been....about 35 minutes total. Yeah. Definitely not. I was so hoping they would at least buy 3/4 of what they fucking took it. Stupid fucking cunts. I clock out at 9:50 something. So much for the quarter after 9 finale I planned on. The fucking Quarter Niners ruined that.

Then I come home to fight with a stupid fucking fly that will NOT leave me alone for 20 minutes. You know, those retarded ones that just fly and fly and fly in circles and you canNOT seem to swat them? Kind of like customers....Huh. The clothes would be the "shit" that the "flies" are attracted to. Huh!

OH and tomorrow on my day off I am so lucky, I get to drive around God's country to look for used boats because the old man just NEEDS a fucking boat. (Good thing HE doesn't work on a fucking retail salary!) What's even better is that he gets to drag my happy ass around to do that but he won't go with me for like 30 minutes to one of the biggest fucking book sales around! It's the last day of it. Books are fucking therapeutic to me after a shitty day of Retail Hell. They're all I have! To be around thousands of them would put me in a fucking Zen like trance. At least I would be semi-happy for a bit..
Ha! I killed the fly! Go me! *Does a jig*

I hate people -_-








Fat shaming and using a disability as an insult. You’re obviously a classy and educated person NOT! Stop being so ignorant. The R word is a slur against the developmentally disabled. Stop using it.

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